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Crew? Oh, that'll be just me. You might ask why I refer to myself as "we" when I'm only one person. Well, it's a wild attempt to make myself sound big, powerful, and all mighty (which I am) and to give the impression that I have minions working for me (which I can). It's like my safety clause, I'll blame my minions when my page doesn't get updated daily. This was my non-paying summer of 2006 comic endeavor after leaving my good paying real-life job before going to a (cross-my-fingers) higher-paying or quite possibly (just my luck) lower-paying job. Very excited to finally be rich start this comic and can't wait to see how far I can go with it! If you're bored, here's some more of that mundane history:

After I graduated with a Bachelors in Industrial Arts (non-fancy name for graphic design) and when I was way under a quarter of a century years old (and I mean "way"), I wanted to become a comic strip artist. I got some books and started hashing out ideas for a comic strip. My first and only idea was a story about a little girl who was poor. I doodled some and thought some. Then I got scared, stopped, and went to look for a "real" job because I didn't want me to be the poor little girl. It's hard to earn a living doing comic strips unless you start doing it at the ripe age of 5 and even then, no guarantee. Four years later, I finally started the comic about the little girl who was poor. You're welcome!

About Comics

The perks of my pseudo-career in comics: Reactions when I tell people I am going to do comics: Open positions in the rumbuncious comic crew:

Not About Comics

Other titles I have held in the past (some titles exaggerated, but only a little). These are the jobs you must endure before becoming a successful (not in the money way) comic strip creator like myself. And they must be suffered in the exact same order:

I can't believe I wrote all that and I can't believe you read all that. Hope you learned your lesson. We're even. Thanks for dropping by!

- Linda