comic faq

Q&A and behind-the-scenes info are in development while we work on adding in the more important stuff like the actual comics (as of this writing, we have one comic strip). But for now, here are a few questions we made up with answers from the comic creator we call Linda:

How did you come up with the name "rumbuncious"?
rumbuncious is actually a play on the word "rambunctious." Little kids running around wild and having all kinds of fun, that's what I think of when I hear "rambunctious." Ok fine, I didn't really know how to spell rambunctious and when I found out, I liked rumbuncious better because it's unique. Plus it's cuter and prettier.

How did you come up with the name Rumi for the main character?
I got rumbuncious and Rumi at around the same time. It was kinda like a two for one special. They both start with the same letters, quite convenient, huh? Even though I've never heard of the name Rumi, I googled it and it is a real Japanese name. "Ru" means flow/current/style and "mi" means beauty/pretty/superior. Also, can you say "rumi rumbuncious" ten times fast? And no, rumbuncious is not Rumi's last name because that would be lame and I am so not lame. And no, I am not into rum nor do I like any other alcoholic beverages. I do like lemonade because life gives me lemons.

What's that red thing on your logo?
Ok you probably don't really care, but here is my professional artistic critique. The rumbuncious logo is curvy and fluffy. The exquisite thingy-ma-bobber that looks like a cherry is actually a bobble ponytail holder that is Rumi's trademark. Those hair ties were quite fresh back in the 80s. I should know because I was fresh then. Also, rumbuncious rhymes with delicious (sort of) and the cherries look quite yummy, so hopefully the message is subliminal and people will buy it.

Why does your website look the way it looks?
Yay, another unremarkable filler question! I wanted it extremely plain and straight-forward so the comic can stand out if it wanted to. Very little coloring, sort of like newspaper style. If you compare it with my other website, then you'll know the true level of my new found power. I'm not giving out the old address by the way.

What do you use to create your comics?
Short version: I pencil in the comics directly onto bristol board with a blue pencil. That way, I have evidence of the ghastly before picture. I scan it into my computer and then I ink and color it using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. This process takes several months. Hopefully this will improve. A tutorial with specifics may be in the works. It's so neat seeing how people create their web comics from beginning to end. Some comic techniques are so simple and others look almost painful. I want mine to be simple, but to look very painful.

How often does the comic strip get updated?
Rumbuncious almost used to run daily (though that is not true, so not sure why I'm mentioning it). Then the comic ran weekly on Tuesdays—unless there was a catastrophe like I forgot or didn't do it. That catastrophe lasted seven and a half months. But rumbuncious is back for its next chapter of 25 strips and the "update schedule" has been upgraded from never to whenever. Your best bet is to join our comic mailing list "get rumbuncious!™" because it just sounds so cute!

How many fans do you have?
That's kind of an inappropriate question, don't you think? Kinda like asking me how much I make (it's $0 by the way). But I'll answer it anyway. If you count all my friends, family, and myself, I'd say it's more than one.

How many fingers am I holding?
I'm kinda tired of writing and answering my own questions. So if you have questions, I have answers. But let me warn you when (not if) I become a famous billionaire (second choice is millionaire), I'll probably be too busy spending money to chat. So take advantage of me not spending money while you can.